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What’s the booking process like, is there a down payment

When booking the Band/DJ for the day, you don’t need the hard times for your reception when you book. You’ll need “Who, When, Where” and that’s basically it. We’ll send you a standard performance agreement that you sign and mail back to us with a 50% deposit, and we are all locked in. The contract is fully refundable up to 90 days prior to the event, and then is transferable, but non-refundable. After your artist is secured, we don’t meet again until the scripting meeting in which we’ll go over your timeline, songlist and all other logistics.

Is Jukeboxx a booking agent; can’t I just contact these bands/artists directly?

We book some of these groups exclusively, while others are supplemental. Our role is to use our knowledge of Midwest artists and their price points to help you navigate through the local music scene and arrive on the best fit for your needs and budget. We oversee primarily weddings and corporate events and do over 150 events each year. We use that experience to help format the DJ/Band to your wedding and create a script together that all of our artists use for their Jukeboxx events. So although we are not the only way to book some of these artists, the management of the group, along with our scripting of the day is the most beneficial part of the service to many of our clients.

Do I need to hire a DJ/Emcee with my band?

You do not. Your band will emcee your event and DJ music through dinner/cocktail hour, and on breaks.

How much do DJ’s cost?

With wedding DJ’s, you can expect do be anywhere between $500-$1,500 when you shop around with local vendors. The price is determined by demand, skill set, experience, etc. At Jukeboxx, our three price points are $600, $800, and $1,500, and these prices include the sound system, the lights for the DJ and your dance floor, and the DJ/emcee for the length of your reception. Please refer to our DJ ONESHEET if you’d like to see more about our DJ prices.

How much do bands cost?

Band prices can be very diverse, and it depends on which band, how many members, how much demand there is for that band, etc., but you can expect a general range of $1,500 - $5,000 for most typical wedding bands

Can you do prints and memory book with the Photowall?

Absolutely. We charge $.50/guest for prints and include a custom memory book. So if you have 200 guests at your event, you can expect an additional $100 for unlimited onsite prints and memory book.

What’s the difference between photowall and a photobooth

A booth is the more traditional concept that most people are used to. With photowalls, you are set up outside of a box, with a backdrop, costumes (if needed) and a professional photographer on site taking your guests photos.

How big are the photowalls?

10ft x 10ft is what to allot on your floor plan for your photowall.

How do I get my prints?

That part is entirely up to you. You own all the rights to your photos and can order prints from wherever you like. We can help guide you to our preferred vendors for prints upon request.

Is engagement sessions included in your all day package?

It is not, but you can add one for $250. At engagement sessions, we spend 3 hours together shooting, and we return your photos and all copyrights to you within 3 weeks.

How long do I get the photographers/videographers for?

We don’t believe in blocks of time, so you book us for the entire day. We script our timeline together and are with from the beginning of hair and makeup, until the lights go out at the reception. We don’t want to miss any of the fun.

How do you know what shots I want?

We don’t, but we do a “scripting session” with you 4-6 weeks prior to your event to go over your shot list, timeline and all other logistics

Do you include memory books with your photography?

We don’t make our memory books in house, but there are some fabulous vendors who we do recommend and have much better prices than we could offer.

How quickly will I get my photos returned to me?

How quickly will I get my photos returned to me? Our typical turnaround time for photography and videography is 3 weeks, and if you’d like to expedite the process you’ll pay a little more depending on how quickly you’d like your media returned to you.

  • We had so many people coming up to us at the wedding to say it was “the best reception ever.” and “the wedding of the decade.”

    Jordan B.

  • Chris is very professional and easy to work with. We had the live band/DJ combo for our wedding reception and our guests loved it...

    Dan B.

  • Lost Wax performed at my wedding and they were unbelievable!

    Kim H.

  • Jukeboxx Media has my highest recommendation!! We used Lost Wax for our wedding and we could have not been happier...


  • \"This band is AWESOME!\" That\'s all I heard all night long, and I have to concur! I think you have a new following of 415 people! Thank you for a great night. You are a VERY talented group of people and we all look forward to hearing you play again. -Starlight Theatre 4.4.14

    Monique Exposito